Tuesday, July 2, 2013

NIV Leadership Bible

Title: NIV Leadership Bible
Publisher: Zondervan
Rating: Amazing

It is extremely hard to review something as large and complex as a Bible. There is no way to read the entire thing in a short enough time to get a review up after receiving it. Because of this, I'm going to focus on the leadership aspect of this edition. 

There are 52 weekly studies with a short lesson for each day. The weekly studies are on topics such as commitments, rewards, learning, interpersonal relationships, and healthy alliances. They are meant to be completed in 15 minutes each work day. Learning leadership from a Biblical standpoint is wonderful.

There are also "Insights" or different types of skills, throughout as well. These are shorter texts about such things at conflict management or situational leadership. These are also paired with a verse or passage of Scripture. They are shorter than the daily topics. 

Other things that I really like about this edition are the gold edge of the pages. The stay flat aspect of the book itself makes it much easier to read, especially if you are taking notes on the lessons.

This is a wonderful edition of the Bible and is one of my favorite versions

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