Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dread Locks by Neal Shusterman {Classics Retold}

Welcome to my first review for the Classics Retold challenge with Brittany from The Book Addict's Guide.

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I've always loved the Greek myth of Medusa. I think because I have crazy, curly hair and when you think of Medusa, you think crazy snake hair! Dread Locks is a re-telling set in a present day high school. 15 year old Parker is the narrator. The story opens on his birthday when he  receives a most unusual gift - a statue of himself. This foreshadowing seemed a bit heavy handed to me. 

He's a spoiled, extremely rich boy who is so bored he almost can't function. It wasn't until a load of moving trucks appear at the mansion next door that he seems less than comatose. The next day he walks into his room after breakfast to discover the "exotic looking" Tara asleep in his bed. He's taken with the fact that she is just sleeping in his bed like she owns it. So begins the weirdness that is their story.

I had some pretty big issues with the entire book. The only thing that saved it was that it is just 164 pages long. The story didn't make sense. Parker wasn't likeable. Tara wasn't likeable. Everyone does and says things that not only don't make sense but also are highly unlikely. 

Tara's free reign throughout the school was beyond odd. Even with her "powers", it made no sense that she's waltz into school and have her way. Parker thought that the things he was doing was bad but couldn't help myself because of Tara? Unlikely. His character's weakness was annoying and made no sense.

Even though the ending was expected, one thing I did enjoy was how the author wrapped everything up. Although this wasn't a book for me, I can see how other readers would rather enjoy this basic retelling of the myth of Medusa.

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