Monday, November 4, 2013

Right Now

Right now...

It's too early in the morning and I am still adjusting to daylight savings time ending. I hate light in the morning and then once I get used to it, I hate the dark in the morning. It will start getting dark at 6 pm now and it's such a weird transition.

I'm reading...Nowhere but Home by Liza Palmer thanks to the recommendation of book blogging rockstars Betty and Cassie. Enjoying it so far.

I'm listening to...Pitbull on heavy rotation in the car when the boys aren't with me. Just 3 songs but it takes me back to high school when we listened to music too loud and thought we were too cool.

I'm excited about the cooler weather. Being a born and raised Florida girl, I don't actually experience the 4 seasons but I like when it gets a bit cooler. 

I'm obsessed with...zombie books after reading another great one this weekend. As soon as the library opens tomorrow, I'm getting the 2nd and 3rd in that trilogy. Review to come this week.


  1. So glad you're loving Nowhere But Home!! What zombie series did you start??

    1. You girls would never lead me astray! The Newsflesh Trilogy by Mira Grant. I'm working on the review of Feed right now. I really enjoyed it.

  2. This time change really irks me. I hate that it gets dark so early. Poo!

    1. I sometimes don't mind the early dark since the boys go to sleep so much faster but grrr's sort of a crazy practice to still change the time twice a year!


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