Thursday, December 19, 2013

Right Now

Right now I'm loving the #ReadingCram. My goal was to read 7 books and I've already read 3 and most of the 4th. Go me!

Right now I'm watching Christmas movies with the boys.

Right now I'm enjoying surprise visits from My Favorite. 

Right now I'm looking forward to getting some deep cleaning while the boys are at their dad's house for Christmas.

Right now I'm listening to church Christmas musical CD. Still. NGL, will be glad when they tire of it. I tired of it weeks ago.

Right now I'm making plans for scrapbooking pages. Itching to create again. It's been years and that's terrible. I loved it so much.


  1. You're so productive! Go you and your #ReadingCram success!

    1. I am impressed that I've gotten that many read. I hope to go over my goal once the boys go to their dads for Christmas break. We'll see!


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