Thursday, August 7, 2014

Over the Top by Zig Ziglar {thoughts on}

Title: Over the Top
Author: Zig Ziglar
Source: library loan
Rating: 5/5

As someone who loves both Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, I find it a weird thing that I am so interested in only reading positive books that make me think and grow. It seems as if I wouldn't enjoy shows that are so quite so dark but I do. I think that is is super important to fill our minds with what we want to come out of our mouths and Ziglar is always encouraging.

Although this is only my second book written by Ziglar, I have literally listened to and/or watched many hours of his seminars and talks. No matter how many times I listen to one, I always learn something new. I love the combination of humor, faith and practical life tips.

This book is a continuation of See You at the Top (which I've read but not yet reviewed) and it goes into more depth of the general ideas he teaches. There are many, many Ziglar catch phrases and I've heard some of the stories before but the subject matter is excellent.

Being a more positive person helps in all areas of life and he teaches some basics as well as more "advanced" techniques. One thing that I really liked in this book was his example of his planner page where he lists his top 4 goals and what he's done each day to work towards them.

These types of books are ones that I want to own so I can refer to them again and again. 

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