Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bout of Books Goals Post

This is my official goals post for the upcoming Bout of Books 9.0. I love how laid back this bookish event is so I'm keeping things simple:

1. I'd like to read 5 books
2. I'd like to visit every blogger who links up on the Official Sign up Linky. As of the time I'm posting this, there are 187 signed up!
3. I'd like to participate in at least 2 challenges
4. I'd like to participate in at least 1 Twitter chat
5. I'd like to participate at an Expert (done!)

I might actually do a list of possible books to read but I'm still deciding on that. I don't follow lists very well so why add stress? :-)  


  1. Worthy goals! I need to write up my post, too. I'm totally in.

    1. I like your goals better than mine! LOL

  2. I'd like to read 5 books as well, comment lots and do at least one challenge - I'm off to check out the possibilities in a minute. As of yet I have not set out which books... :-) Like you, I am liable to change them at the last minute, lol. Good luck next week honey!

    1. I need to start visiting blogs. Haven't done that yet. Seriously can't make up my mind if I try to make a list so why bother?! :-)


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