Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wilkie in Winter - The Frozen Deep

The Estella Society is hosting a #WilkieWinter in which we read both The Frozen Deep and The Woman in White. And today begins the discussion for The Frozen Deep. I didn't know about this novella that was actually a play that was written by Collins but a lot by Charles Dickens. Get all that? Yep, it is as confusing as it sounds.

This will serve as my mini-review of it. Although I don't read many classics, I am unsure why because I always enjoy them. Once I get past the fancy language that is.

The Frozen Deep was just 100 pages and I enjoyed the writing so much that I didn't mind the story itself which I found odd. I got to the end and just shook my head while thinking that it doesn't really happen that way.

The Estella Society posted a few questions for us to answer so here we go...

1. How do you feel about the narrative structure? The obvious rewrite of stage direction?

The rewrite of stage direction didn't bother me all that much because I was interested in seeing what happened. I called it pretty well but I was still curious.

 2. How do you think this play looked performed? Do you think it would make more sense in that medium that in this small novella?

I'm not sure I would have liked the play at all actually. It worked better as a novella in my opinion because I was able to read it as I wanted instead of watching actors interpret it for me.

 3. What did you think of the “love triangle?” Did it feel forced? Which man would you have picked?

In a word odd. Very forced. I think I would have chosen Aldersley but I don't think that she was fair to Wardour in the slightest.

 4. Impressions of Clara and her characterization?

Weak but I guess all women were viewed that way then. 

 5. Supposedly Dickens had a hand in helping write this script. Can you feel his hand in the writing? How much was Dickens and how much was Collins?

I am embarrassed to say that I've never read a Dickens but if it was heavily influenced by him, I need to give him a try. I'm currently reading The Woman in White and am enjoying Collins' writing style quite a bit.

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