Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dewey's Read a thon Goals Post

Dewey's Read a thon is this weekend and since it's one of my favorite bookish events, I'm excited to be able to participate. The boys are at their dad's so I can spend 24 hours in stress free, guilt free reading and commenting on other blogs. 

I want to split my time between reading and blogging/visiting other blogs and resting my poor old eyes. Instead of a goal to read a certain number of books, I want to read a certain number of pages. I'd like to read 700 pages. 

I've loaded up my Kindle and have a stack of possibilities too. In year's past I've tried to finish as many books as possible but with the change to pages read instead, I'm not concerned with that. Hoping that will take a bit of stress out of the day too. I feel like a loser when I don't finish a big stack. Especially when I see how many others read. 

I'm posting my List of Possibilities tomorrow and think I've got some good ones on there.

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  1. We're so lucky to have you joining us as a reader and a host! Thank you for all you do! --Andi


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