Monday, October 20, 2014

Patient Zero by Jonathan Mayberry - thoughts on

Title: Patient Zero (Joe Ledger #1)
Author: Jonathan Mayberry
Pages: Kindle, 421
Rating: 4.5 out of 5, I loved it
Source: My own, paperback and Kindle versions

I'm back on a zombie kick and this was the book I started out with for Dewey's readathon. I probably wouldn't start with such a big book in the future but I really enjoyed it. It's about a police officer who is pulled into a top secret government agency. They are trying to stop terrorists from releasing "walkers" to kill everyone.

Although it's all been done before I liked Joe Ledger's character quite a bit. He's a complicated character. He's had a tough life and you feel for him but he's also tough as nails. He's got some great one liners and you know me and my love of all things sarcastic.

I enjoyed the non stop action throughout and thought that the pacing of the plot was well done. Some info dumps along the way but they were probably necessary. The story is quite terrifying because I can totally see this actually happening....that someone would invent a virus that would make people into zombie like creatures that want to kill everything in site.

The only negative that I had with it was the romance. It was light and it wasn't right away but it was too predictable and quite unnecessary in my opinion.

Overall I really loved this one and wanted to read the second in the series right away. That almost never happens so that is saying quite a bit.


  1. With all the overuse of the "patient zero" term in Dallas recently (hello, Ebola), I think this would scare the stuffing out of me.

    1. The book mentioned ebola several times and talks about how the "weapons" are so much worse than ebola ever could be. Like I said in the review, it was even more scary because I could see this actually happening! Yikes.


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