Friday, March 22, 2013

Launch Your Life by Kenny Silva - Thoughts

Title: Launch Your Life
Author: Kenny Silva
Pages: 247 
Genre: Self Help, Christian
Rating: great idea!
Source: in exchange for an honest review. Thanks!

The entire time I read this book, I kept saying "launch yo self" over and over. It was a good thing!

One of my favorite types of books to read is self-help and this one with the Christian bent, made it even more interesting. Author Silva covers the basics to launching your life after college. That stage of not quite fully grown but almost. I've been fully grown for a while now but I still enjoyed the tips presented here. One of my favorite parts of the book was the combination of ideas with a Biblical follow up. Behind each great idea is the verse from the Bible that it was taken from. I really loved that. 

This guide covers many items on starting out life, in the best way possible. Things such as networking, resume writing, dealing with parents, friendships, fiances...they were all covered. Clear ideas and tips make it easy to turn to just the chapter you need to read right now. And the chapters have tabs for the big sections: Identity  Career, Fiances, Home and Growth. I love that the chapters have a notes section at the end. It is helpful to read a section and take notes on that end sheet. It also includes a blank calendar at the end, as well as a business card holder and pockets to hold misc papers. You really can have it all in one place with this handy little life guide.

Another awesome inclusion was the author's personal stories. I always "learn" faster with a "hands on" aspect and these stories gave me that in a printed form. I could see what he intended his point to be from his included personal story. 

I would highly recommend this title to those who are just graduating from high school or college or for anyone who would like a back to basics guide to remind them of the essentials. 

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