Monday, May 6, 2013

Ctrl Z by Danika Stone - Thoughts

Title: Ctrl Z
Author: Danika Stone (Website)(Twitter)(Facebook)(Pinterest)(Amazon)(Goodreads)
Pages: 206
Genre: NA romantic suspense (mature language and sex scenes)
Source: Author
Rating: Awesome sauce.
Source: Author, for an honest review
Buy it: Amazon (paperback)(Kindle)

Ctrl Z tells the story of Indigo, a girl who has fought to move past her old life. Jude is a computer hacker who took on the wrong job. Their paths cross and an unlikely romance blossoms between the two. But when Jude's job goes wrong people get hurt and secrets are revealed.

Ctrl Z was an action packed book that easily kept my attention. I wanted to find out more about Indigo's past and I wanted to know what Jude's big, secret job was. Their tension and chemistry was excellent and was my favorite part of the whole book. When those two were together it was hot.

Indigo was a complex character that wasn't always likeable but was always interesting. She had a past and little hints were dropped throughout. I liked that she was real and flawed but was still trying.

I am fascinated with hacking so Jude's character was especially interesting. He was a nice guy that got caught up in the wrong thing. He didn't always respond to things right but he genuinely cared about Indigo and I loved that.

Ahhh, the heat level was hot. A couple had me fanning myself. Swoon.

The only flaw was a tendency to use several descriptive words over and over. Other than that it was highly enjoyable and I look forward to picking up her other books. 

I'd recommend Ctrl Z to anyone who enjoys romantic suspense with lots of sizzle. Filled with well developed and interesting characters, it was fast paced and full of twists and turns. And the ending? Killer! 

Here's a great trailer for the book too...

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