Monday, February 3, 2014


Once again I'm going off the bookish rails to post a non bookish post. But I am so annoyed that I don't care. I want to post this as many places as possible because customer service should mean something no matter how freaking big the company is. I've posted on my Twitter. I've contacted the company AGAIN. I've posted on my Facebook and now on here. Annoyed much? Oh yeah.

Will never step foot in the North Monroe Street Pizza Hut after once again being told that we can't use the Book It certificate for anything other than pizza. Cole has used his certificate for bread sticks the past 2 months (after throwing away past certificates since he won't eat the pizza). Manager Jeanetta told me that that store doesn't accept them EVEN THOUGH I'VE USED THEM THAT WAY FOR TWO FREAKING MONTHS WITH NO TROUBLE. I explained that I had complained about our treatment several months ago and was contacted by the general manager who said that store DOES accept them for items the same or less in price. She pretty much just dismissed us after saying that I couldn't have used them that way at that store. Really? Because he did it twice and bought other bread sticks each time too. NEVER will I go to that store again. Don't take the stupid coupon but don't dismiss us. Once again I left with a little boy in tears who couldn't use his certificate. In future months when he earns his certificate we will go to Hungry Howie's Pizza or Papa John's Pizza for bread sticks instead...I'd rather pay for them elsewhere than be treated like I'm an idiot that is lying.

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