Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Book Clean Out Challenge

I don't speak for all book bloggers when I say this but since becoming a book blogger, I have acquired even more books than I already had. Good problem to have except that looking at these stacks and stacks of unread books makes me feel really super guilty. Especially if they are unread ARCs that authors or publishers have sent to me.

Lately my reading time has changed and I'm simply not reading as many books as I was. I've mentioned before that my eyes have been bothering me. This makes it even harder to get as much reading done as I'd like.

So I'm challenging myself to get rid of some books before I get ANY more. There are some books that I know I won't read (or re-read) and these will be the first to go. Then I'm planning to separate them out a bit into must reads, maybes and keepers. I'd also love to get another book case so that they aren't double stacked.

If you've ever done a book clean out project, what did you do? Give them away? Sell them? Share some tips because I need them!


  1. For books, I usually donate them to my library to sell. If they are ARCs, you could try Book Crossing!

  2. I'm super lazy when it comes to getting rid of books, so I take boxes of them to a local used bookstore to sell. In general I don't have the energy to split them up, offer some to fellow readers, donate some, etc. One-stop unhauling for me. And I hate going to the post office. lol


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