Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Book Loves

Everyone has a list of subjects or title keywords that make them immediately pick up a book. My list has changed as my reading tastes have changed. Some have been around for a while and others have been recent additions.

Things that make my skirt fly up:

zombies, dystopian, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, fairy tales and retellings, fantasy, gothic, science fiction, entrepreneurship, Christian living, Paris, London, Russia, Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, The Great Depression, boarding school, swoon worthy males, sarcasm, banter, snark, revenge, time travel, parallel lives, historical, revisionist history, myths and mythical retellings, magical realism, road trips, nerd.

I add to my list as I think of new stuff. I wish I had made a similar list a few years ago. It would be interesting to see the differences now.


  1. Great list!
    zombies, dystopian, apocalyptic, post-apocalyptic, gothic, science fiction, Paris, London, boarding school, swoon worthy males, sarcasm, banter, snark, revenge, time travel, parallel lives, myths and mythical retellings, road trips, nerd - my yes's :)

    - some more words that would make me pick up a book: GLBT, forbidden(romance), music, drummer, Asia, Japan, Korea, antihero

    1. Well I DID say that we were separated at birth except for that whole I'm way older than you thing! ;-) Great additions! It's fun to think about the words that really catch my attention. I'll keep adding to my list as I think of them.

  2. I love this list! And I wonder how many of these will show up in your Google Analytics now? lol

    1. Ha! Hadn't thought of that. Someone will come to my blog and will see it is literally just the word and be like "Do what? She only listed the word? *grumbles*" ;-)

    2. Ha! That's awesome! I bet they are for lots of blogs. Tee hee hee!


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