Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer of Stand Alones Challenge

So if you've followed me long you know that I generally suck at completing challenges. I love to sign up for them but I forget to update my progress or I just epically fail at them *looking at you Clean Sweep ARC Challenge*. But when the ever amazing Rachel of Rachel Reads mentioned on her blog and Twitter that she was joining this challenge, I was curious to see what the "rules" are. It's super laid back so I'm in!

You can get the complete details and sign up at Books with Cass. A big thanks to Cassie for putting all of this together for us.

My goal is to read 11 stand alone books this summer. One for each week before the boys go back to school should be doable. And on the weeks they are at their dad's house, I hope to read more. 

I'll be updating this post with my list of possibilities but in the meantime, share a great YA stand alone that I just have to read during this challenge.


  1. Cool idea! I think that I might sign up.

    1. Sounds fun to me so I couldn't help but join up. Hope you sign up too!


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