Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nearing Home by Rev. Billy Graham

Title: Nearing Home
Author: Rev. Billy Graham
Pages: 182
Source: Publisher via Booksneeze for review

When I saw this title on the Booksneeze website, I didn't even read the synopsis, I requested it for review. Rev. Graham is one of the most popular and well known preachers in the Christian faith. At the original time of publication (2011), he was nearing his 93rd birthday and had lost his beloved wife, Ruth, some 4 years before. I can't look at the cover without tearing up a bit. I mean nearing home and him in his 90s? Ack. It's sad. But he knows where he is going and looks forward to being united with his wife in Heaven.

As much as it pains me to look at the cover and despite the fact that I was insanely excited to get it, I couldn't get into at first. He spends a lot of time talking about old age and it seems rambly. I kept picturing myself sitting in my grandfather's house, listening to one of his endless stories, while mentally making the hand gesture to hurry it up already. I say that not to be disrespectful but to illustrate how much I wanted it to have a point. Where was the point? There were gems in there but it all seemed disconnected and all over the place

It's a super short read at only 182 pages but it took me days to read because I couldn't read "old" another time. I'm super glad that I stuck with it though because the last 50 to 75 pages made the rest of it worth it. This was the meat and the best part of the book for me. It didn't seem as disconnected but more like essays that moved from chapter to chapter.

It might have taken a more winding path than I had the patience for and there might have been parts that didn't apply to me quite yet but in the end I enjoyed it. I wanted to hug this book because it closes with such emotion and such heart. But most of all it closes with such hope for the future. And that I loved. Rev Graham might be nearing home but he's certainly doing it with grace, a steadfast assurance in his faith and a never ending desire to share his Savior with anyone who will hear him.

4/5 for finishing strong

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