Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Little Bit Scandalous by Robin DeHart

Title: A Little Bit Scandalous (Forbidden Love #3)
Author: Robyn DeHart (website)(Twitter)
Pages: 250 (ebook)
Publication Date: August 12, 2013
Publisher: Scandalous, an imprint of Entangled
Source/Format: Publisher for review/e-galley
Rating: Delightfully scandalous (see what I did there?!)

Yes, yes ANOTHER romance. What is happening? First, look at that cover. I want that dress. I'd never wear it but I want it anyway. It's beautiful. So why another romance? I participated in a chat with three Entangled authors and found them all so delightful that I wanted to read at least one of their books to share the love. It just happens that this one came up as available to review so I jumped at the chance to review it. Of all romance, I find that I enjoy historical the most. Maybe it is the setting. Maybe it is because Dukes are hot. Who knows how my mind works. On to the story...

This is the third book in her Forbidden Love series and even though I usually won't read out of order, my understanding is that they are more companion novels than an actual series. 

Monroe (Roe) Grisham is the Duke of Chanceworth and blames himself for the death of his best friend. Before he died, he leaves his little sister as Roe's ward. When he decides that Caroline needs to be married off so that she can begin her life, she declares her love for him. After being rejected, she thinks she'll never marry. Fast forward 7 years and she is all grown up and beautiful. She is trying to earn money to remodel her family's house. Thanks to being a bit of a math genius and good at cards, she dresses as a man to play.

Enter Roe. When he realizes it is her sparks fly.

This was a quick read that was ultimately satisfying. I did have a couple of problems with the plot but it was only because I am not the biggest fan of romance so I tend to be too eye-rolly...which shouldn't take away from the book. 

I thought that the characters were interesting. I loved that she cared so deeply about her family's home that she would put herself in danger to earn the money to pay for repairs. Since she was still the ward of the very rich, Roe, she could have simply asked him for the money. She didn't want to do that though and I liked her attempt at being independent. 

The pacing was good and the story moved along. There was an element of mystery and that subplot was a good underlying story that added to Roe and Caroline's characters. 

The sex scenes were well done even if I was expecting more of them. Roe sounded like a handsome capable man who would be quite swoon worthy.

Overall I enjoyed the book and thought it was great mind candy. I'd like to read A Little Bit Sinful to read about the characters Justin and  Clarissa who are mentioned in A Little Bit Scandalous.

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