Saturday, August 10, 2013

Boy Meets Dog by Valerie Wyatt {Kids Book Review)

Title: Boy Meets Dog, a Word Game Adventure
Author: Valerie Wyatt 
Illustrator: Dave Whamond
Published August 1, 2013 by Kids Can Press 
Source/format: egalley received from publisher for review
Rating: cute but different

This little book shows how changing one letter in a word turns it into something else entirely. Changing the "t" in toy to a "b" makes a toy into a boy. 

It wasn't exactly what I was expecting because I thought it would be just one letter differences but it was bigger than that. Changing bus to car for example: bus to but to bat to bar to car. As the book went along, there were more and more words in between the original word and the new word.

Although the illustrations are really cute, they weren't enough to hold the attention of either of my boys. 

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