Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Adding to the Stacks #4

Just a few new ones this week.


Seven for a Secret by Lyndsay Faye - I didn't realize this was the second in a series. Bummer since I don't have the first one.


The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon - I loved this one so much that I sent my copy to my friend Christy. The boys and I traded in books at my favorite book store here in town. I used part of the credit to get another copy of this one and of...

The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon - this was the other one I got with credit. I haven't read this one yet but I want to re-read the first one again before I read this one. They can be read out of order but I just don't want to.

A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer - it was cheap and in excellent condition so I got it. Looks good and I've been wanting to get back into mystery, suspense and thrillers like I read back in the day.

Anybody else get any new goodies this past week?


  1. Whee! There's nothing quite like adding to the good ole stacks. Hope you like the Zafon books!

    1. I need to be stopped! LOL Shadow of the Wind is one of my favorite books ever. Curious to see if I'll enjoy it as much the second time around.


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