Thursday, April 23, 2015

Readathon, ya'll

Saturday marks the day of a super special event...Dewey's 24 Hour Readathon. It's the Superbowl for nerds, let's be honest. A whole 24 hours set aside just for reading. Heaven.
I know I won't last the whole 24 hours because A) I am old. B) My eyes are old. C) The boys will be home. D) I have nothing to prove because I. Am. Old.
Seriously though I know I won't make the whole 24 hours but I'll do as much as I can. I want to do more cheering this year. I'll be having the boys read along with me and that will be fun. See what I did there?...keep 'em quiet! :-)
Haven't started a TBR but think that I'll probably pick 2 physical copies and get mostly ebooks. I can read longer on my Kindle.
The best part is that I'm returning as a hostess. It's such an honor and so much fun to be on the main blog and Twitter feed throughout my hostess time. Come join me!

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