Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Heart Books

I frequently mentioned the fabulous Eva from A Striped Armchair, on my old blog. Since starting this new blog I haven't. She is truly one of my very favorite book bloggers and has such a wide variety of books that she reads that I am in awe. I want to be like her when I grow up (which is quite funny since I'm older than she is by years). Today she had a wonderful post about "heart books" - those books that change you and touch you. She asked of her readers:

In the spirit of nostalgia, I’d like to ask all of you to name a heart book, either in comments here or on your own blog (do leave a link in the comments so I can come read your post). Pass it along, chain letter style, and let’s embrace those books that resonate with our truest, deepest selves. I know they can be difficult to talk about (I actually didn’t mention the one book that has most literally changed my life; perhaps in another few years I’ll be ready), because of course claiming a book as soul-touching bares at least a bit of your most vulnerable self to the world. Yet I believe that the much of magic of book blogging lies in that combination of the literary with the personal, and that we have built a community that is supportive enough for that to take place. I look forward to hearing your stories.

 I'll talk about my newest heart book, The Tragedy Paper. It was a recent read for me and I was sucked in from the start. And I hardly wanted to start another book because it touched me so much. I reviewed it here.

The beautiful writing, wonderful characters and intriguing story within a story kept me reading but the life lessons have kept me thinking about it. It just made my heart happy. I wouldn't say it was a happy book but it certainly made me feel and made me think about life and it's meaning. It will stay with me for a long, long time. A true "heart book" for me.

Thanks, Eva, for the interesting topic to think about.

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