Saturday, February 23, 2013

Love-a-Thon Wrap Up

This day has been very fun and I am so glad I participated. Another big thanks to Alexa and Katelyn for all their hard work on this event! And thanks to everyone who participated, who left comments here and elsewhere, who followed me on twitter or friended me on goodreads. You've all made me a happy woman!

The things I loved:

Meeting new bloggers. So many great blogs out there and I've added a huge amount to my already large Google Reader.

Following new people on Twitter. I'm a bit nervous with Twitter because I feel like I don't really "get it" but I added quite a few people today and was followed by a few as well. 

The comments on the blog. Heartfelt and kind, they were part of the purpose of the day, of course, but it was still lovely to see the new comments.

Commenting on everyone else's blog. I tried to comment on every blog and especially those that participated in the mini challenges. That was so much fun!

The things I'd change:

Was wishing, for the love of reading, that participants would turn off their robot censors today. I always have trouble reading those letters and numbers and some people didn't get comments left because I couldn't ever correctly answer the question and so I gave up.

Participating on a weekend when my boys were at their dad's so I could sit the whole day and type away. We had previously made plans AND got stuck with a broken down car that made my time away from the laptop even longer than I had planned.

A weekend event instead of 12 to 12 so that I could go the whole 24 hours because

A shorter URL. Really. How many times can I type without giving myself carpal tunnel? Should have gone with or something similar instead! ;-)

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  1. Haha I know exactly what you mean about splitting it so it wasn't a 24 hour event!

    My Google Reader went kind of crazy yesterday too thanks to all the new blogs I found. I was up to 1000 posts at one point!

    I loved taking part in the Love-A-Thon too and I'd definitely do it again. Finding new blogs, leaving comments, receiving comments - it was all great fun for the bits I was awake for!


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