Monday, January 14, 2013

Don't Make Me Count to Three by Ginger Plowman - Thoughts


Title: Don't Make Me Count to Three
Author: Ginger Plowman
Pages: 155
Genre: Christian, Self-Help, Parenting
Source: inter-library loan
Rating: I liked it

Don't Make Me Count to Three is a straightforward book of thoughts on God centered parenting. I originally saw the cover on Pinerest but our library didn't own a copy so I requested it by inter-library loan. Strangely enough, the day before I received notice that the library was holding the book for me, a family member and I had a disagreement over the way I discipline my boys.

Things I liked:

I enjoyed the personal stories that the author shared and the examples she gave. I liked that she gave Bible verses to back up each idea she presented.

Things that I did not like:

Sometimes it felt too "preachy." A good editing would do wonders to make this book more enjoyable to read. Several times a verse would be presented with "(emphasis added)" but there would be no emphasis. Also, it seemed that things were repeated.


Overall I enjoyed the book and took notes on ideas that I would like to implement in my own parenting.


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