Wednesday, April 24, 2013

{Blog Tour} Bound Together by Chris Brauns - thoughts

Title: Bound Together
Author: Chris Brauns
Pages: 208
Genre: Christian, Non-Fiction, Personal Growth
Rating: Excellent and well written!
Source: I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Our choices, both good and bad, affect others, not just ourselves. Brauns writes a well researched and in-depth book on how our lives are woven together. The first, and worst, example of this is in the fall of Adam. The last, and best, example of this is through Christ's death which saves us all. We are bound to Adam and his sin in a negative way but bound to Christ in a positive way. He saved us.

Not to make myself appear stupid but this book was written in higher language that I am used to reading. After reading so many YA books, the technical nature of this one took some getting used to. It felt a bit like reading a really long term paper. Complete with references at the back. I was pulled into his writing and argument that we are all bound together. It did seem somewhat redundant and seemed to be written more for the theological minded over the "common man" but that might have just been me. 

It was separated into two sections. The first section explains the idea of the rope. The second section shows how we can and should apply it to our lives.

He uses numerous examples in the Bible and in history to show how a choice made affects not only the person making the choice but also those around him. 

He tells how marriage is such a powerful illustration of the rope principle and likens divorce to an amputation. Two people were made one. One cannot go back to two without tearing. Because of this, he shows the importance of understanding how our choices affect others.

It all boils down to the blessing of God's love is greater than the curse of sin.

If you are looking for a well thought out book about original sin and God's grace through Jesus to save us from it, Brauns does an excellent job of laying the background and then showing an application of those truths. Although our ties to Adam doomed us, our ties to Jesus saves us.

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