Monday, April 22, 2013

Does it Matter?

Although I have only been blogging here for a short time, a couple of weeks ago I hit a mental wall. I had a (virtual) stack of review books to read and write up, a stack of library books checked out and my own full shelves of books staring at me. Plus a couple of blog tours to prepare for, all while taking care of my kids, a business, Twitter, Facebook and real life friends and family. I was in overwhelm and was wondering if it was worth it. I had posts scheduled through the 15th which gave me some time to decide if I even wanted to continue.

In the meantime I signed up for more blog tours. And hit a reading slump. I had a ton of really great books to read but I just had no interest in any of them. I went back and forth and back and forth about continuing. I went a couple of days without internet access so I wasn't able to post. Not being able to post took off the pressure to post because I didn't have a choice.

So this morning when I woke up I was in one of those "get it done" moods. A tornado of productivity. A let go of the stuff that doesn't matter and focus on the best stuff kind of mood. My pastor constantly tells us that we sometimes have to let go of the good to have the great. And I had no post scheduled. But that letting go of stuff mood was there.

So what does that mean for the blog? It means that I'm writing up a Blogging Manifesto so that I can remember why I do what I do and that in the grand scheme of things, this little blog is just life filler. I outlined a bit of a schedule when I first started Little Lovely Books and I enjoy following it. For those times when I stare at a blinking cursor with no idea what to type, that schedule helps me to know in what direction to go. A Blogging Manifesto will help with the emotional side. The underwhelmed / overwhelmed side. 

I'm learning to treat myself with kindness and that includes giving myself a break and not comparing myself to someone who reads and reviews 5 books a week. That will never be me. I don't have the time or, honestly, the desire to do that. What I do want to do is keep plugging along, improving on my writing and reviewing skills, continuing to find my voice and my style, and making friendships and connections with others who love books. 

This little book blogging community we have is amazing and fun. I'm going to stop worrying about the "rules" and just do my own thing on my own schedule. I hope you'll continue to join me on the journey.

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  1. Well said! At the point things become a burden instead of a source of enjoyment, it's time to reassess. I haven't been blogging all that long (only since last October) and I've had to reconsider my purpose in blogging several times. I'm still trying to figure out what works best for me. Best of luck to you in finding a balance for your blog. :)


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