Monday, April 1, 2013

Cold Hard Truth by Kevin O'Leary - Thoughts

Title: Cold Hard Truth (On Business, Money and Life)
Author: Kevin O'Leary
Pages: 244
Genre: Business
Source: ILL
Rating: Love him, loved the book

Kevin O'Leary's Cold Hard Truth came to me in Florida all the way from the University of Maine as an ILL. I enjoy watching him on Shark Tank but after reading Barbara Corcoran's Shark Tales, I honestly did have that high of hopes for this one. I loved it. I found it to be polished and professional and it actually had actionable tips! Imagine that...a business book that tells you how to do business.

O'Leary is known in the Tank as one of the meanest sharks. I think that he gets that reputation because he is brutally honest. While he could sometimes temper his approach (maybe), he always hands out the truth. That is one of the biggest reasons he is one of my favorite Sharks.

His mom was a shrewd business woman and he learned much from her and shares her way of thinking. This book interweaves his personal stories with business advice but he does it in such a way that I felt as if I truly learned something. It was like sitting down with a wise business man who tells personal antidotes to drive home his point. He is funny and has lived an interesting life. I loved the story telling aspect of this but it was also to the point. Money. 

A favorite quote:
My money is my military, each dollar a soldier. I never send my money into battle unprepared and undefended. I send it out to conquer and to take currency prisoner and bring it back to me. (page 126)
and another one: 
I view my porfolio like a chicken on a spit - it's got to be dripping cash or something's wrong with the recipe. (page 233) 
I would highly recommend Cold Hard Truth to anyone that is a fan of O'Leary or who enjoys business books. It is one of the favorite ones I have read. I look forward to adding it to my library so that I can mark the pages. O'Leary is fond of calling himself Mr. Wonderful and I agree. This book was a winner. Definitely one that I will read again. 

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