Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Kiddie Table - The Blushful Hippopotamus by Chris Raschka

Title: The Blushful Hippopotamus
Author: Chris Raschka
Pages: 32
Genre: Children's
Source: I received this title from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
Rating: Loved it. Both me AND the boys

Roosevelt the hippopotamus blushes. A lot. His sister teases him for blushing. A lot. When Roosevelt starts to feel bad for blushing, his friend, Lombard, tries to make him feel better.

This book was so super cute. The little blushing hippo was adorable. The illustrations were terrific. The story was so sweet. I loved the lesson it taught.

When I read to the boys or have my 6 year old read to me, I like to enjoy the story too. This was such a cute story that I enjoyed it just as much as the boys did.

Cole, my 6 year old, said that it was funny and he liked that crazy Lombard. Ian, my 4 year old, said, "Let's read it again." That's the highest praise from that little guy.

This is a book that we need to own. So adorable!

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  1. This sounds so cute! And I love it when I enjoy the books I read to my son! It makes it so much more enjoyable! I'll have to check out this and other books by this author when I'm at the library next time!

    BTW, I love this review with what your boys said! So cute!

  2. It was really cute! I have to enjoy the book too or it doesn't stay in the house ;-) I'm not going to read a book over and over and over and over when I don't like it! There are such great children's books out there that we don't have to read ones we don't enjoy. So glad for that!


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